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Easy Lift

Easy Lift - "Very personal Elevator"

Safety, reliability and capacity of a traditional lift with lower installation and manteinance costs.

Flexible projectual design responding to the various required solutions, easy installation, minimal preparatory works requirements, single phase 220V power supply and power consumption equalling that of a household unit: it\'s Easylift, a vertical transportation system offering not only solutions to architectural problems, but multifunctional. A wide range of colourings and finishes makes Easylift... "a very personal lift".

Cabin, with a maximum of 3 entrances, is composed of the main carrying structure in steel panels varnished in 200 °C dry-kiln epoxy with colours chosen in the RAL range. The ceiling, in pierced aluminium, is removable.

Cabin is supplied with:

  • lighting spot light
  • stainless steel handrail Ø 40mm
  • photo-electric barrier for every entrance
  • Braille embossed push-buttons
  • emergency STOP push-button
  • push-button for emergency device


In absence of a lift shaft Paravia Srl propose a self-supporting structure that, thanks to a careful design, allows the installation of a pre-varnished in 200 °C dry-kiln epoxy product, ready to be assembled locally without any weldings.


The claddings may be finished in pre-varnished panels or in multistratum glass. All the above contributes to a quick and pleasing aesthetical result.