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Escalators and passenger conveyors

Escalators and passenger conveyors have nowadays become indispensable components for the transport of people where it is necessary to rule and speed up their traffic, such as, for instance, railwaiy stations, big hotels, airports, commercial centres, etc...

Based on the new generation and advanced design, our product are equipped with high efficiency reduction gears and microprocessed controls which ensure, according to thr highest quality standards, a long-term efficiency, a long life, low managing costs and a reduction of power-consumption.

Our modern and compact construction, the nice aesthetics, the wide choice of optional components and finishes provide the designers with ideal solution to realize their own projects.  All components have crossed careful quality checks and the factory Quality Sistem complies with the ISO 9001 standard.


SL Both in horizontal ( TP) and inclinated ( TS) version passenger conveyors, they can solve any problem where large number of people moving may be expected, guaranting comfort also to users provided with rollers, children or handicapped chairs.