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panoramic lift

Comfort: wellbeing in movement

This simple concept is at the base of the choices made today by the man who wants to improve his condition both in small and big things.  This need springs up from thè evolution of his spirit and his need to move, wherever his search for new answers takes him. Today this happens at a greater speed and all choices are made taking into account his wellbeing, be it material or spiritual. In this view of life the concept of comfort is thus tied to the search of those solutions that stand between thè need to reach this aim and thè means required to do it.

The product is no longer considered as only earthly goods but as the expression of the philosophy of the Company that suggests it in all its aspects.






Paravia Srl recognizes itself as a company that not only accepts these concepts as its philosophical policy but proposes it to its International Customers who appreciate its men, seryices and products. Paravia's main goal is to always guarantee better solutions which on the basis of a continuous relation contribute to thè steady growth of its products and to the achievement of its goals. All this represents a daily challeng towards which our Company works by continuously investing in the search for a better balance among the components of our business. In view of this policy the workers, services and products of Paravia are capable of satisfying all the requests of those who require, from a dynamic Company, the best solutions while suggesting at the same time to its interlocutors appropriate alternatives or new business prospectives.

A continuos improvement

Paravia is a family run business, has been manufacturing, elevators since 1953  and founded in 1960 the first and only factory in the south of Italy that manufactored the complete set of the elevator components. The Company has produced cabins. doors. mechanical operators, gears, car frames and some steel fusions in the appropriate foundry.

This personal experience has in the course of the years given Paravia's men the possibility to become not only protagonists of better techniques in this field But competent managers who, with their skills. have become leaders in the mobile transportation field. In the present industrial plant designing, assembly,  installation and maintenance of efevators escalators and passenger conveyors has been added

A well organised and competent staff who are on thè vanguard of the new technologies is always at your back and call to satisfy whatever requests of new solutions or projects you may require.

An incalculable worth

This service concept adopted by our company starts by taking into account thè marketing basic choices. Each commerciai relation is followed by our managers who haye thè direct responsibility of thè project and can intervene at all levels to adjust thè structure and personalise it to thè specific Customer requirements.

The company know how, which is one of its best features allows Paravia to be different from all the other realties in the elevator field. The study of sector problems and the realisation of experience accumulated in many years of work, carried out in the field of yertical transport in four out of the five continents in the world together with its large network of agents and technicians makes all this possible.
All the possible problems connected to the different rules, environmental conditions and specific requirements of the different sites have been faced and solved with our resources and the long years of field experience that consent our staff to operate and fìnd the appropriate solutions but above all permits it to prevent them.

But the real difference is made by that first and continuous contact between producer and customer with a thread of trust that lasts all through the working relationship and assures a post program which includes spare parts, technical updating new products and services, making Paravia's Customers feel more and more special, as they are visited by our representatives in whichever part of the world they may operate. Paravia wants to ensure Customer satisfaction while giving a supporting range of services like beginner's and advanced training courses that are periodically arranged on specific requests both on site and at its plant to solve any problem that may arise.

The continuous research of new solutions consents Paravia to submit its best and most complete proposai of its products, service in this field, so that its customers can take advantage of all the newest technology and designs offered.